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Best Case Features

Professionals can use these features to develop their full potential, stress-free, and without a monthly surcharge per user!

Featuresfor more action


Best Case takes over manual (additional) effort for you in seconds

Types and describes tickets automatically for you at the highest pro level.

Takes over planning, scheduling and analysis of action for you in milliseconds.

Simplifies and shortens planning, execution and recording of meetings.

Acts automatically and dynamically on (spontaneously) changing goals.

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Featuresfor efficient traction


Best Case centralizes all required information in one browser tab for efficient action

Shows you available, existing and required competencies for planning new traction.

Answers for you automatically every day recurring questions that slow you down in implementation.

Takes over the detailed analyses on the feasibility of each action for you.

Offers you a top, up-to-date overview of company, team and employee traction, 24/7.

Best Case in numbers

time gain

(Additional) output, per employee


per employee and work week


until license costs pay off

Efficiency gain

per meeting


Setup per user


instead of avg. 8 open tabs