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In less than 5 minutes to finished IT project and product planning

The One-Stop Solution for IT teams that want to exceed their expectations.

Next Step: From the idea directly to the first executable MVP in under 40 minutes.

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Our team of experts, equipped with expertise in the areas of IT project and product implementation, business development, sales, finance, investor relations, building and management of individual teams and entire companies, pursues one goal: making your everyday work in today's IT ecosystems as easy as possible , stress-free but as efficient as possible with you, AI-powered and automated.

Like acombinationof

Jira, by AtlassianConfluence, by AtlassianAsanaClickUpMicrosoft OutlookMicrosoft ProjectMicrosoft ExcelPersonioSlack


but justreally agile,fully transparent,pre-filled,directly refined,with a concrete planandready solutions!

Automateswhat inhibits


Inefficiency in Action for actually planned Traction

60% global IT projects and products not completed on schedule or failing.

6 out of 10 deadlines not met, with impact on already planned (and now postponed) traction.

Slow growth due to manual (additional) efforts that slow you down.

One click, NULL problems!

Imagine working weeks in which you do NOT have to do the job of another role due to known deadline stress, but you haveenough stress-free time for your job, your actual tasks and goals!

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Automateswhat slows down


Manual (additional) efforts that slow you down

Lack of internal transparency, communication, culture, understanding, loyalty.

Increasing stress, internal frustration, declining motivation, loyalty to management.

Unnecessary consumption of up to 42% of available working time.

IF click, THEN more output!

Imagine working weeks in which you DON'T have to be part of the 10th meeting to discuss recurring, well-known open "questions", butyour entire team will successfully complete all planned and communicated tasks without compromise!

Automateswhat reduces growth


Best case releases up to 42% of the unused internal potential

Automates the areas that generate recurring slowing manual (additional) efforts.

Plans, schedules, analyzes current and future traction in milliseconds.

Centralizes all necessary information for efficient transparent productivity.

BestCase in numbers

time gain

(Additional) output, per employee


per employee and work week


until license costs pay off

Efficiency gain

per meeting


Setup per user


instead of avg. 8 open tabs

Automateswhat annoys


Best case seals up to 42% of internal stress sources

Describes automatically current and planned action (tickets) in the desired necessary detail level.

Complements actions automatically in milliseconds with acceptance criteria, tests, helpful infos for implementation.

Prevents unnecessary discussions and stressful situations through automated feasibility analysis in seconds.

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*Your email is safe, will not be shared or stored in our database