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One-Click Project Planning for smart IT Teams

It requires an easy-to-use text input field, comparable to the Google search input, one click and the IT project plan is ready in less than 5 minutes – that’s BestCase! And the time to market is drastically reduced. AI-supported, automated!


Simple, easy, efficient

BestCase makes IT project planning child’s play! With just one clever input field you can lay the foundation for your entire project. Simply enter what you need – and BestCase will do the rest. From requirements planning to the customer journey to fully formulated user stories, IT and test concepts as well as acceptance criteria – everything is created in just a few moments. Get started now and experience how uncomplicated starting your project can be. With BestCase, IT project management is easier than ever before!


Register and
Complete onboarding


Create a company and
Invite a team


Fill the input field and plan the project


Deliver results
automatically, together
Functional scope

Project planning is one thing: shorter time-to-market per requirement is the essential

BestCase not only supports IT teams with project planning and requirements analysis. We are also at your side throughout the entire project implementation. With BestCase, IT project management is not just a starting point, but a continuous process that accompanies and supports your team from the beginning to successful delivery.

One tool. One browser tab. Full potential.

Project Management

We are revolutionizing the way projects are implemented today, through AI-supported requirements engineering, solution suggestions with a click, crisper meetings and much more, allowing every single IT team to grow beyond their expectations.

Task Management

Through, among other things, automated pre-planning, clear task focus and one-click solution suggestions, we minimize workload, stress levels and maximize efficiency, while teams can finally concentrate on what is important.

Resourcen Management

With a main focus on all participants, their (mental) health, internal relationships with one another, targeted workload management and sharing, and an overview of accessibility, we enable teams to optimally use their skills.


Our FAQ section is intended to save even more time and answer the most frequently asked questions quickly, so that your team and you can concentrate on what’s important: profitable results!

BestCase is just a Jira with AI, right?

No. BestCase is not Jira or any other market competitor. If anything, it’s “a Jira”, but intelligent from the start, dynamically pre-filled, directly supportive, immensely time-saving. BestCase does not cause any (further) problems, but is the solution.

Our customers save days alone thanks to our focus purely on the IT industry:

  • during tool setup,
  • when creating a workflow, as it is not necessary
  • when changing workflows quarterly, as the velocity stagnates again,
  • the onboarding of current and new contributors,
  • the provision, implementation and delivery of entire IT projects.

In addition, BestCase already offers functionalities that market competitors do not yet have on their radar. Or can Jira, ClickUp, Asana, etc. present entire solution approaches for each cross-departmental work step, identify optimizations, and provide a holistic feasibility analysis immediately after the project has been created?

Not another project management tool that promises a lot but ultimately improves nothing!

BestCase is not a pure project management tool, where great but increasingly bored and desperate experts just move ancient tickets from A to B in the confusing backlog (but hey, very hip via drag & drop). This is the worst case scenario and has nothing to do with great, fulfilling work.

BestCase is more of an administrative success management tool for experts who want to grow beyond their expectations and grow together at the same time.

Because compared to WorstCase market competitors, BestCase was designed from the start with the main focus on “Contributors, first!” developed.

Effectiveness, efficiency and profitable outcomes are of course in the spotlight. Because this is what important company growth is based on.

But with BestCase, the spotlight is extended to each individual contributor!

Against fluctuation. Against a shortage of skilled workers. For more motivation, loyalty, loyalty and trust.

Why should we switch and incur switching costs?

The pure IT requirements analysis, requirements engineering, the provision of the customer journey, the definition of acceptance and acceptance criteria plus the initial (pre)project planning costs an IT company on average 6+ weeks.

With BestCase, one click, about 5 minutes of “waiting time” and the decision-makers can even plan the project implementation together with the respective IT team in the same meeting!

6+ weeks become 5 minutes plus the ongoing joint collaborative planning of the pure implementation.

p.s.: Whole days are saved during implementation and when using the Solution Finder.

BestCase Team

Experts with complementary skills

Our Vision.

We drastically shorten the time-to-market for every innovation, idea, IT project and product through AI-supported automation, where manual efforts still waste time unnecessarily.

Our Mission.

We dare to do the untrustworthy: We are completely rewriting the “agile” way in which IT projects are implemented and products developed today – in places that even today still cost an unnecessary amount of time, money, stress and nerves.

“Get sh*t done, but right!”

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One-stop solution for automated IT project delivery


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