One-stop solution for automated IT project delivery

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Founded in September 2023. Completed the MVP and its development by December 2023. Product release in January 2024. First successfully completed (customer) onboardings, feedback rounds and trade fair appearances by March 2024.

And always actively looking for contributors who will give us a scaling push into the best case future, not just with financial resources!

Behind BestCase is an ambitious team of visionaries, engineers and strategists who share a common mission: transforming the way IT projects are planned, implemented and successfully completed. With deep experience in the IT industry and an unwavering belief in the power of automation, we have developed BestCase – an innovative platform that radically simplifies the complexity of IT projects through AI-powered automation.

At BestCase, we understand that behind every successful project is not only strong technology, but also a dedicated team. That’s why we’re proud to be not just a tool, but a trusted partner for IT teams worldwide. Together we set new standards in project work and help teams grow beyond their own expectations.

Our goal is to enable teams of all sizes to deliver their projects faster, more efficiently and with less stress than ever before. We attach great importance to user-friendliness and offer a solution that makes it possible to carry out holistic project planning within minutes – a clear contrast to the time-consuming processes required with conventional tools such as Jira, Asana, ClickUp or Notion.


Small team, big successes:
Quantity is not quality


Founding of the company


After two workshops in Munich and Graz, Patric and Markus founded Zero Workarounds Solutions GmbH in Munich. Of course with the vision behind BestCase and an initial prototype in hand.


Team reinforcement

Till December 2023

Together on an efficient “hunt” for experts and their skills that complement us, we find Christian Schütte and Dirk Franke to strengthen our team with complementary skills. The most important pillars have now been set up for an efficient best case start: technology, finance, investor relations & readiness, business development, sales.


Release of BestCase

January 2024

Our prototype has become a usable release candidate, which we are now offering specifically to IT companies in the DACH region.

Thanks go out to all of our previous supporters!


salz21 trade fair

March 2024

Our first joint team appearance at the Salzburg trade fair “salz21” is a great success. Not just for team cohesion. We collect plenty of good contacts, feedback and positive impressions.



[to be continued]


BestCase succeeds in conquering the market



After the implementation of further AI-supported automation, the “Auto MVP Development” feature, the stabilization in the DACH market and the rollout in other IT-strong digital (EU) countries, the next big milestone has been reached. Hello, USA!

BestCase Team

Experts with complementary skills

Our Vision.

We drastically shorten the time-to-market for every innovation, idea, IT project and product through AI-supported automation, where manual efforts still waste time unnecessarily.

Our Mission.

We dare to do the untrustworthy: We are completely rewriting the “agile” way in which IT projects are implemented and products developed today – in places that even today still cost an unnecessary amount of time, money, stress and nerves.

“Get sh*t done, but right!”

One-stop solution for automated IT project delivery


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